From housewarmings to baby showers, from birthdays to business luncheons, it seems like there’s always an event to plan. Everyone loves celebrations but organizing them can sometimes be a real pain. Besides burning holes in our pockets, putting together a party can be a time-consuming, physically draining, and mentally exhausting exercise. And, with so many moving parts, pulling it all off without a hitch takes real skill and know-how. No part of your event planning process is as daunting or requires as much coordination as preparing and serving food and beverages. That’s why hiring a caterer can mean the difference between having a ball or getting stuck in the weeds. If you’re still weighing your options, here are some important reasons why hiring caterers might be beneficial.

You save time

While organizing a party, you already have countless jobs to do - invitations, decorations, entertainment, and of course, the food. You can’t handle everything on your own when you're running out of time. So take the burden off your shoulders and let professionals...


Are you sure people aren’t noticing you at the dinner table? Well, think again! People do keep an eye on how you handle yourself, especially, in the corporate world. Whether you are having lunch with a prospective business partner or are invited to your boss’s business meal, following dining etiquette is a social obligation. Not always though, people conduct such business meet-ups over a meal; to know more about a person. And believe it or not, how you behave at the table does reflect a lot about your professionalism and social manners.

Wondering now how to avoid making a mistake at your next business dining? We’ve got your back! There are a few tidbits to remember that we have shared here:

Put your cell phone on silent

During business meet-ups, you have to be mindful of what others are discussing. Resist your temptation of checking notifications, especially when your host is around. Turn on the silent mode rather than leaving it on vibration or put it away, if possible.

Wait for your host to sit first



Finally, your partner got down on one knee, and you uttered that simple, three-letter, life-changing word: “Yes.” Now that wedding bells are ringing, you and your fiancé are probably spending countless hours browsing websites for unique ideas to implement at your wedding. Planning the perfect wedding takes tons of time, commitment, and effort. The list of tasks is daunting, but manageable as long as you stay organized throughout. So, to help you in your mission, here are four must-do items to check off your list.

Envision your day

Now that you’ve experienced that unforgettable moment of engagement bliss, it’s time to start gathering inspiration and advice from people you love and whose style you admire. Jot down all thoughts and concepts that they’ve shared. Presumably, you and your partner already have some ideas for wedding day, as well. Start to blend all of these ideas together as you envision your big day, mixing and matching, and cutting and adding, as necessary. But remember: at some point fantasy will meet reality. It’s important to plan a...


In the last few years, the farm to table movement has managed to amass a huge following. Even though some are of the view that it is only a passing fad, it is not completely wrong to assume that farm to table will slowly and steadily become a mainstay in the food industry.

What is farm to table

Farm to table, or farm to fork, is a social movement that encourages restaurants and caterers to source locally produced, organic ingredients, usually directly from the farmers of the area. The ingredients that are traditionally shipped from faraway places or other countries do not offer much in terms of flavor or nutritional value. In case of farm to table, the ingredients do not travel long distances, which keeps them fresh and their flavors intact.

How did it all begin

The farm to table movement can be traced to the late 60s and early 70s when people began to express their dissatisfaction over processed foods. In 1971, the first farm to fork restaurant, Chez Panisse, opened up in California. However, it wasn’t until the 2000s...