4 Dining Etiquette Tips for Your Next Business Luncheon

Are you sure people aren’t noticing you at the dinner table? Well, think again! People do keep an eye on how you handle yourself, especially, in the corporate world. Whether you are having lunch with a prospective business partner or are invited to your boss’s business meal, following dining etiquette is a social obligation. Not always though, people conduct such business meet-ups over a meal; to know more about a person. And believe it or not, how you behave at the table does reflect a lot about your professionalism and social manners.

Wondering now how to avoid making a mistake at your next business dining? We’ve got your back! There are a few tidbits to remember that we have shared here:

Put your cell phone on silent

During business meet-ups, you have to be mindful of what others are discussing. Resist your temptation of checking notifications, especially when your host is around. Turn on the silent mode rather than leaving it on vibration or put it away, if possible.

Wait for your host to sit first

Remain standing until your host or boss has taken their seat is a kind gesture that people notice. If there is no host, be patient for the most senior person to take their seat first at the table.

Place your napkin right away

Take your napkin off the table after taking your seat and place it on your lap neatly. If you have to leave, to receive a call, for instance, never put the napkin back on the table. Instead, place it on your empty chair if you are planning to return.

Fill in others’ goblets before you own

You don’t have to serve, though. When a table is sharing a common pitcher of water, add more to your glass only after checking everyone else’s. It’s a polite gesture to fill others’ glasses before your own.

These tips will help you in making a good impression on your next business meetings over a meal. If you have plans to host a corporate luncheon or dinner, take a look at our delicious corporate dining menus.